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Fibonacci Odometer Reading

Tonight, DrQuuxum’s odometer rolled 12358. And so is born:

road trip
the odometer
marking memories in miles

My Little Garden

I am amazingly clueless when it comes to green things. Everything from not eating much in the way of fruits and vegetables to never succeeding in growing more than one very sad scraggly spider plant. But I wish to change this. As I currently rent an apartment, this must be limited to a container garden and two little plots of land on either side of the walkway that the landlady gave me permission to use. One source of inspiration/encouragement that I have been leaning on is the blog Within the Leaves: the Container Garden of the Druid.

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Gargoyles in the Garden

There are two points of inspiration for this poem. First, I received an email that Jack Huber had published a new article at Associated Content, this one on the Fibonacci poetic form. While contemplating the form, I saw a post from a friend who wants to go to Phipps Conservatory’s Summer Flower Show: Gargoyles in the Garden.

playing in the leaves
finding mischief in the garden

I really want to go see the show. And the agave is blooming!

another poem

After more than a week off, I’m actually missing the nightly posting. The last two nights, I’ve had dinner out with friends whom I haven’t seen in far too long, coordinated across internet ties.

tenuous connections
like fragile spiderwebs
stretching through cyberspace
weaving lives together
binding friends across miles
keeping kinship alive

NaPoWriMo Wrapup

I survived NaPoWriMo 2010! And I succeeded in writing 30 poems in 30 days, although not always a poem per day.

    Things I learned through April

  • I greatly enjoyed matching poems and photos. I knew folks did this, but had never really tried it.
  • My mutated cinquins are actually fairly close to a form called rictameter.
  • Septolets are cool, though trying to convince my brain to count words instead of syllables was an entertaining mind twist.
  • I adore choka, not surprising since I love haiku and tanka as well.
  • I fail at posting on Saturdays.
  • Although I posted many a poem at 5 til midnight, the deadline did keep me fairly on track and producing.
    Other thoughts

  • I dug out my Poet’s Market 2010, we’ll see if this gives me the impetus to actually submit.
  • After writing the poem to Maia, I realized that I have a few dedicated to a goddess poems: Athena, Hestia, Persephone. Maybe I can keep going and make a little collection.
  • There are several poems in my head that did not get written, although their forms are more solidified. They are a bit more complex and failed to come together in the mad scramble I often had at 11:30 at night trying to get something posted. (And oh, do some of them read like I was just trying to get something posted.)
  • I need to read more poetry, and I’ve found some excellent blogs during the past month.
  • On the links to the side, the former Fellow NaPoWriMoers has dissipated. There’s now a poetry section, and a few got bumped up to my blogroll.

The Future: although this blog rematerialized for NaPoWriMo, some other creative endeavors have already crept in, such as the mask making. So this will be my creation blog/journal. Poetry, photography, phiber arts, maybe even plants if I get my little garden going this year.