I survived NaPoWriMo 2010! And I succeeded in writing 30 poems in 30 days, although not always a poem per day.

    Things I learned through April

  • I greatly enjoyed matching poems and photos. I knew folks did this, but had never really tried it.
  • My mutated cinquins are actually fairly close to a form called rictameter.
  • Septolets are cool, though trying to convince my brain to count words instead of syllables was an entertaining mind twist.
  • I adore choka, not surprising since I love haiku and tanka as well.
  • I fail at posting on Saturdays.
  • Although I posted many a poem at 5 til midnight, the deadline did keep me fairly on track and producing.
    Other thoughts

  • I dug out my Poet’s Market 2010, we’ll see if this gives me the impetus to actually submit.
  • After writing the poem to Maia, I realized that I have a few dedicated to a goddess poems: Athena, Hestia, Persephone. Maybe I can keep going and make a little collection.
  • There are several poems in my head that did not get written, although their forms are more solidified. They are a bit more complex and failed to come together in the mad scramble I often had at 11:30 at night trying to get something posted. (And oh, do some of them read like I was just trying to get something posted.)
  • I need to read more poetry, and I’ve found some excellent blogs during the past month.
  • On the links to the side, the former Fellow NaPoWriMoers has dissipated. There’s now a poetry section, and a few got bumped up to my blogroll.

The Future: although this blog rematerialized for NaPoWriMo, some other creative endeavors have already crept in, such as the mask making. So this will be my creation blog/journal. Poetry, photography, phiber arts, maybe even plants if I get my little garden going this year.