I am amazingly clueless when it comes to green things. Everything from not eating much in the way of fruits and vegetables to never succeeding in growing more than one very sad scraggly spider plant. But I wish to change this. As I currently rent an apartment, this must be limited to a container garden and two little plots of land on either side of the walkway that the landlady gave me permission to use. One source of inspiration/encouragement that I have been leaning on is the blog Within the Leaves: the Container Garden of the Druid.

Last year I managed to grow some herbs in one of the little store bought herb gardens, but I was never brave enough to do anything with them. So, this year’s attempt I believe includes parsley, sage, basil, chives, and I think thyme. I bought an herb cookbook at halfprice books, so maybe I’ll actually try using them this year!

Tomatos and Peppers
Target has a fun dollar section at the front of their stores. I found a set of three seed packets: red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, and green peppers, as well as a pack of three soil pellets (just add water!). When I looked today, there were little green leaves starting to poke up. These I hope to make use of in the crock pot. I love my crock pot!
peppers and tomatoes
At one of the nurseries we went to, I found a “container” tomato plant, supposedly a smaller size to reside in container gardens.
We also found cayenne pepper plants for DrQuuxum. Way too spicy for me.

On to salads! To say that I dislike lettuce would be a grand understatement. I have found, however, that I can handle my salads being bedded in raw spinach leaves.
I also love cucumbers. The waitress at TGIFridays (where we go after the Steel Phoenix Writers meetings) makes me a salad of cucumber, cheese, and croutons. I made a little mound for cucumber plants on one side of the walkway. I also have two containers with a couple plants in them.

Medicinal maybe? The one section of land I have available used to be a window well, the fill used is not the best soil. But I have been assured that mint grows like a weed, so maybe it will take over the steep section by the stairs. I found flavored mints! Orange, lemon, and chocolate.
I also, finally, have my own aloe plant!

And last but not least, the little flower bed on the flat above the mint. At the dollar store, I found a box of mixed seeds that promised to attract butterflies. Little green heads are starting to poke up through the soil. Will I know before they’re full grown if they’re the flowers or just grass and weeds blown in?
There is much more cleaning and organizing and such that the porch and garden areas need. I have some little pots that I should get some flowers for. And I have a garden statue of Mary that needs to go out from her winter home in the front hall.

I have some friends who are very into urban homesteading. Bees, chickens, goats, guinea pigs, rabbits … As well as canning and other forms of more self-sufficient living. All of which I find fascinating. But I’ll be happy if my little garden grows and I actually manage to make use of my harvest this year.