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Today’s email from Associated Content said that Jack Huber had published an article on the poetic form: rictameter. So I sat here and poked at words for a bit and came up with:

oil spill
seeping, bleeding
from below the surface
poisonous plumes permeating
the water, the marshes, the animals,
beaches, bayous, breeding grounds all
suffocating beneath
thick orange sludge
oil spill

Garden Update

We have flowers! Cucumber, pepper, and tomato! The photos are a few days old now, and DrQuuxum said this morning that he has baby cayenne peppers already.
cucumber flowers pepper flowers tomato flowers
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clouds of stars resting
high in their tree branch refuge
fireflies twinkling bright

The fireflies are out in force at the farm. I forget to look up for them, they are always low in the fields and yards. But they lit the trees up high like strings of Christmas lights.