The plants are moving forward much faster than any of the craft projects, although I did finish a scarf (photos soon).
In the last update, I showed pictures of the cucumber, pepper, and tomato flowers. This time, I present you with cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes!
cucumbers 20100630_10 peppers 20100630_12
tomatoes 20100630_11

I never expected the cucumbers to do so well. I’ve picked from both pots and the mound. There’s probably half a dozen in the refrigerator and another half dozen ready to pick. And look at all the babies around that monster! I even had some for lunch yesterday. Family recipe (as opposed to sour cream cucumbers most folks seem to make): slice the cucumbers very thin, soak them in salt water overnight, rinse and then fill the bowl back up with Italian salad dressing. I have also found several recipes for smoothies and shakes using cucumbers that I’m planning to try soon.

The little flower bed has turned into a virtual jungle. Here are some of the prettier blooms opening up:
flowers 20100630_15 flowers 20100630_7
flowers 20100630_8 flowers 20100630_4

The mint is doing very well, bushing up nicely and sending out runners. The sun vs shadow was uncooperative for photographing the three patches all together, but here is the lemon mint blossoming:
mint flowers 20100630_9

DrQuuxum became concerned that the cucumbers were going to overrun Mary, so he tied the plants to some gardening wire he hung from the wall. The plants almost instantly sent little tendrils curling around the wire. Mary appears to be safe for the moment:
cucumbers with Mary 20100630_16
And notice, even more cucumber flowers at the bottom of the photo. Happily accepting all cucumber recipes! I need to look into pickling as well.