A while back, I mentioned practicing making an I-cord. That went passably well. So I flipped through my (rapidly expanding) stack of books to see what I could make with my new I-cord. I found a garter stitch bag in Fashionable Projects for the New Knitter by Alison Barlow that used an I-cord for the handle. The pattern called for a five stitch I-cord, mine is only four.

blue bag handle 20100808_2

The pattern had several other firsts for me. Although the pattern called for knitting with three strands of yarn together, I only used two. It was still quite a twisting experience. The body of the bag was garter stitch, just like the scarves I have finished. The best thing about garter stitch is watching NCIS marathons with my MIL and not having to worry about counting stitches while I knit.

blue bag stitches 20100808_4

The flap is made using a knit two together (k2tog) decrease. I’m not sure if I read the pattern wrong or just did not have the experience to realize that something was not quite right with the flap before it was finished. The pattern said to keep repeating the k2tog for the first and last stitch of the row, knitting all between. I must need to add some just knit across rows in between, my flap came out very short. The k2tog itself went pretty well.

blue bag flap 20100808_3

And finally, finishing! The bag is knit flat, then folded and the sides sewn up. Because of the extra short flap, I added a little loop and knot closure. Another finished project! I carried a tablet and pen to a meeting today in the bag. The handle is just the right length to go across the body, though it does have more stretch than I was expecting.

blue bag 20100808_1