For years, I have eyed the plastic canvas section in the craft store. It was right next to the cross stitch I loved, and is still right next to the yarn and knitting where I have been spending so much time. At Pat Catan’s one day, I found the Leisure Arts pamphlet Teach Yourself Plastic Canvas.
I brought it home, read through it, and made a list of supplies (yarn, canvas, needles, cutting mat, craft knife) for the beginner project it offered. On the craft store run before my week long house sitting stint, I got everything I needed. (Plus, OMG clearance yarn, huge bag of it still in the backseat of the car. 100% cotton = dishcloths here I come.)
The house sitting provided excellent crafting time. I finished the garter stitch bag I had on the needles. I not only got a chance to photograph the beautiful flowers at the house, but even had time to edit a bunch of photos sitting on the computer. And I got to try my hand at the plastic canvas.
The beginner project included several coaster designs plus a box to put them all into. Here’s my very first coaster:

blue coaster 20100813_51

I really enjoyed making the coaster. Plastic canvas reminds me a lot of cross stitch, but on a larger medium with not-as-sharp needles. The fine threads of the aida cloth often used in cross stitch are usually easier for me to see without my glasses, but then I have to hold the project about three inches from my face. That I can use the same yarn as much of my knitting is a great bonus. I only bought the darkest blue for the coaster, the other two shades came from the garter stitch bag. Now if I can just convince myself to use leftover knitting yarn and not buy new skeins for every project.