I currently have two knitting project bags going (a third one has yarn, needles, and pattern in it, but not cast on yet). The first is a dishcloth for my grandmother for Christmas. She asked for something with red in it. The pattern is Stripes from Sandy Scoville’s Knit Dishcloth Sampler: Twelve Nifty Pattern Stitches. I thought the vertical stripes in the texture would be interesting with the horizontal patterning in the color.

red ombre dish cloth

The second bag holds my garter stitch project; at present, a dishtowel to go with the dishcloth in yellow/green for Mom for Christmas. It’s my first time using circular needles at all, though I’m not using them in the round. She asked for a an earflap hat, but I don’t think I’m going to get much beyond dishcloths and scarves this year. Maybe next year.

yellowgreen dish towel

I actually got a good bit of knitting done this weekend. Friday and Sunday evenings, DrQuuxum and I spent out at Mom’s farm. Her computer died and while he tried to fix it I passed the time knitting. Saturday was DrQuuxum’s sister‘s birthday dinner at their folks. I knit while his Mum and I watched our regular NCIS marathon.