In October, I realized that I had made enough money playing in cafepress that I could buy three months of a premium store. And, realizing those three months would be the fourth quarter Christmas rush, I jumped on the idea. The difference between the free store and the premium store is the number of items you can offer. The free store allows only one of each kind of item (tee shirt, long sleeve tee, mug, …). The premium store offers all items with as many designs as you want to put on them. The last month has been quite busy with taking and sorting pictures, editing them, adding them to the site and picking the products on which to put them.
I have a hard time finding things to put on some of the color schemes that cafepress offers. I mentioned here my victory in finding something for the hideous yellow tee shirt and messenger bag (hideous mostly because the color comes through whatever artwork you use, not just because I’m not a yellow person).
There is also a green tee shirt that has the same bleed through issue as the yellow. Tonight I found something that I think goes pretty well on it.

Green tee shirt with a foal's silhouette in dark green.