I did manage to make a second hat for Dad in time for Christmas. I added three inches to the length, which seems to have done the trick. Mom emailed me to say that he wears it to the barn every morning.

The down side to finishing the hat in time was that I put off finishing the dish towel for Mom. But she doesn’t mind rainchecks. I got it to her after the New Year.
dish towel

I read a very simple pattern at one point, a farrow rib: caston a multiple of 3, knit 2, purl 1. The scarf example looked quite nice, so I lodge the idea in my brain. After the holidays, I had empty knitting bags, which simply wouldn’t do. So I gave this pattern a try using some bright blue mill ends I picked up at Pat Catan’s.
farrow rib scarf
My Tim Minchin obsession continues:
Tim Minchin DVDs
I spent an evening knitting, watching dvds, and I was impressed with how far I got (considering I’m still a slow knitter and was distracted).
farrow rib scarf

There’s nothing else on the needles at the moment, but that won’t last for long. My sister visited over the holidays, and her littlest adores purple (I discovered by wearing a purple sweatshirt). So I’m contemplating a blanket/afghan in purples, there’s actually several shades already in my stash. There are also several patterns for more complicated dishcloths in the to do pile.