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Haiku Challenge #28

We have, with some sadness, come to the end of the Haiku Challenge. The final prompt is an image:

railroad tracks

heeding the calling
honing craft while making friends
nomadic minstrel

Haiku Challenge #27

The prompt for today’s Haiku Challenge is Eternity.

nightly stargazing
the heart of eternity
unfolding above

Haiku Challenge #26

Another image prompt for the Haiku Challenge:

dances with stars and birds

life’s exuberance
flies with birds, touches stars,
overflows with joy

Doctor Who’s Rose

Take a fascination with Doctor Who, a love of odd poetry forms such as trilinea, and a brain that won’t shut up when it has an idea, even / especially in the middle of the night, and what do you get?
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Haiku Challenge #25

The prompt for today’s Haiku Challenge is Haze.

haze-induced asthma,
longing for Winter’s chill kiss
to ease my breathing

Haiku Challenge #24

Today’s Haiku Challenge image prompt:

drawing of a pencil

birds fly, given life:
imagination and ink
and a dreamer’s eye

Haiku Challenge #23

The Haiku Challenge prompt for today is scintillate.

The first poem hearkens back to one of the earliest poems of the challenge:

at festival’s heart
a bonfire scintillating
in time with the drums

The second poem has been flashing in my head since I first read the prompt list:

fireflies scintillate
celebrating the warm nights
with summer fireworks