28 days
28 haiku
Thanks to SiS for organizing The Haiku Challenge.

I’ve discovered some awesome fellow poets and read many wonderful blogs in the past month. I’ve been debating the most efficient way to keep up with folks, as my blogroll already runs most of the way down my page. I’ll figure it out.
March dawned lonely with no prompt from The Haiku Challenge, but the Cloaked Monk came to my rescue with a March Challenge.
That will take me to April, this blog’s one year anniversary, and the return of NaPoWriMo, which began it all.

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to write down the thoughts and inspirations that were in my head for each poem, especially since I often seemed to have a somewhat unique take on the prompts.

  1. free style, taken directly from the weather happening outside
  2. comparing the baby with the flower
  3. mother – I chose to go with Mother Earth instead of my mom
  4. desert – my mind went to the Outback, as Australia has been much on my mind lately
  5. cynosure – something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance
  6. eyes, reminded my of the Star Trek book Uhura’s Song by Janet Kagan, combining “where the north star beat like the heart of a child” and “they are watching us still” as that pulsar lay in an eye-like constellation
  7. anger – buzzing bees defend their hive with a definite visual of Winnie the Pooh
  8. footprints – tried to avoid semblance to the religious poem and went instead with a selkie returning to the water
  9. lilt – rhythmic swing or cadence – musicals on my mind, especially Matilda
  10. ballerina is how she looked to me
  11. faith – superbowl
  12. ring – I was disappointed that no one else seemed to see the Lord of the Rings reference, but just proof that I can look at things in a unique way
  13. grumble – plate tectonics, written more than a week before the tragedy in New Zealand
  14. love – Happy Valentine’s Day – “Love is not all wine and roses Sometimes it’s handcuffs and cheese” Tim Minchin‘s “If You Really Loved Me”
  15. solitude – peace within
  16. mother nursing – I again went with the comparison to the earth
  17. ravel – I had just watched the Doctor Who episode “Turn Left
  18. silent sentinel – all about the tree, never even noticed the boat
  19. debris – space junk, on my mind with Discovery’s impending launch. Fellow poet Trisha went with the same idea
  20. bees – pollinators
  21. bliss – classic Microsoft image
  22. stairway to heaven – tried to avoid both the song and the religious aspect
  23. scintillate – emit flashes of light; spark – fire and fireflies. Trisha was again on the same wavelength as me, writing about fire. I’ve started thinking of her as my fire sister since this post.
  24. pencil – I thought the scribble looked like a bird
  25. haze – hot humid hazy makes it hard to breathe
  26. sky dancer – reminded me of scenes from the movies Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. I was fascinated that some folks assumed the scene was evening (I did) and some assumed it was morning.
  27. eternity – the universe
  28. railroad tracks – trying to sum up the month of The Haiku Challenge with a troubadour thought

I met many fantastic poets in the last month. These are the ones who left their marks here. Thank you for the feedback and support!

And extra special mention to Someone is Special for making this whole thing happen.