My other writing assignment for today was to create a background for my Dungeons & Dragons character, Breora Duskwalker.

Breora Duskwalker
Half-elf druid

Author: BlossomVydrina

PC in: Durior

Game System: d20

Physical description:
– very dark green hair, long and full enough to almost hide the points of her ears
– bright green eyes
– 5’6″, 120 lb

Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Shamvaia
Saint: Saint Caethel

Companion: Talby the Barn Owl



Breora’s mother is Tessa Miller, an herbalist in the town of Four-Quarters. Stricken with wanderlust in her youth, she spent years traveling with adventuring bands, exploring Durior. During these travels, she met the elven healer, Mythal Lachlan. The outgoing and generous elf easily made friends wherever their quests took them. They soon fell in love and settled down in Tessa’s hometown of Four-Quarters. Breora was born the following autumn. After a very short stint of racial uneasiness from the townsfolk, Mythal’s gregarious nature won them over. Both he and his daughter became well liked and accepted around town.
When Breora was 17, a devastating plague hit the town. Almost every human in the town succumbed, overflowing the small hospital. The several dwarves that lived in town and a visiting gnomish trader remained unaffected. Assuming he was immune to what seemed to be a human only epidemic, he sent his wife and daughter to stay with his friend, Ravothor Eythermitore, an elven druid living just within the Forests of Luriel. Mythal worked tirelessly at the hospital, tending to his human neighbors. With his selfless devotion, he is credited with Four-Quarters amazingly high survival rate. In the end, however, he fell victim to the plague he had been fighting and died before Tessa and Breora could make it back to town.
After her husband’s death, Tessa encouraged her daughter to explore her paternal roots. The family friend Ravothor took the girl under his wing and taught her much of the ways of the Luriel Forests. Over the years, Breora’s special empathy with the animals of the woods became more and more evident. After she followed the cries of an orphaned barn owl back to its nest, and successfully nursed the baby back to health, Ravothor officially initiated her as his apprentice in the ways of the Druid. After three years of intense training, Ravothor stated that she had reached the level where she could learn more by living her lessons, and began sending her on quests. When The Adventure Begins, Breora is traveling the southern plains, searching for the source of a disturbing increase in undead activity.