Halfway through NaPoWriMo and I’m still catching up from March. Many thanks to Cloaked Monk for organizing the March Challenge!
I do enjoy the range of poetic forms and tried a few new ones this month. Surprisingly, I found the little blips of information offered with the prompts almost restricting compared to the single word prompts of the Haiku Challenge. However, the biggest hurdle I faced came from road trips! Can you tell that I left home on the 11th and again on the 27th? Silly me, I thought I’d get lots of writing done while I was away, but it never actually seems to work out that way.
I’ve been scrambling to keep up with NaPoWriMo since coming home, but so far succeeding. Completion of NaPoWriMo will have seen me attempt to write a poem every day for three months straight.