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Brookfield Zoo: African Painted Puppies

At the end of March, DrQuuxum and I headed out on our annual road trip. This year, we set out for Chicago with their plethora of zoos. There are FOUR AZA zoos in Chicago: Lincoln Park, Brookfield, Shedd Aquarium, and Cosley. And there’s the Field Museum with Sue. Sadly, a bout with food poisoning limited us to just Brookfield and Shedd. On the way home, we stopped at the Toledo Zoo; so we did at least make three zoos on this trip. And we were left with an excuse to return to Chicago at some point.

Brookfield Zoo’s African Painted Dogs gave birth to 10 puppies last November. They, with Mom and Dad and Uncle, are out on exhibit. I probably spent an hour there, taking pictures.
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Versatile Blogger Award

the versatile bloggerAlmost a month ago, in the midst of my March madness (which had nothing to do with basketball), Lynnaima from Life: Between the Lines nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you! It caught me a bit by surprise, and I have stared at the comment she left me with a “now what do I do?” deer in the headlights look. I’m working on ramping up some of the more social aspects of blogging. I know I love comments, but I’m never sure what to say on others pages. Some of the folks I’ve nominated below probably don’t realize how much I enjoy their blogs, because I’m so quiet. I have the same issue in real life too.
Three other sites need special mention: SiS, Cloaked Monk, and NaPoWriMo. Between these three, they started and keep me writing here.
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