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NaPoWriMo #26

in the woodland shade
snow patches transform
white carpet remains
trillium brings spring
waking the robins

NaPoWriMo #22

elephant siblings
wrestling and playing,
learning, exploring,
forming memories,
living traditions

another poem

After more than a week off, I’m actually missing the nightly posting. The last two nights, I’ve had dinner out with friends whom I haven’t seen in far too long, coordinated across internet ties.

tenuous connections
like fragile spiderwebs
stretching through cyberspace
weaving lives together
binding friends across miles
keeping kinship alive

The grackles have arrived, NaPoWriMo # 27

blue headed grackles
bright iridescence
returning for spring
in time for Beltaine
their courtships begin

So it begins

It occurred to me that on Thursday the 1st, I will be traveling and will have no access to a computer. So I offer the first poem for NaPoWriMo a day early. It’s what I refer to as a classic Blossom square, five syllables by five lines.

craft meditation
as needles clicking
steadily knitting
rhythm transforming
yarn to libation