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First Hat

I asked Dad what I could knit him for Christmas. He doesn’t do scarves. If he wears gloves, they’re heavy leather work gloves. He’s very brand loyal to his socks (gold toe fluffies). He doesn’t normally wear hats either, but he will around the farm, down at the barn or out in the woods splitting logs. So he requested one in hunter orange. Read more…

Prayer Beads

The winter has brought back the craft days at Paula’s house (where I learned to knit last year). She ran a little class on prayer beads, their history, their uses, various ways to make them. She provided the book Pagan Prayer Beads: Magic and Meditation with Pagan Rosaries by John Michael Greer and Clare Vaughn and opened up her crafting cabinets to us.
Most of us also brought our own beads. I had hit JoAnn’s the night before and even managed to hit a bead sale, buy one strand get one free. Most of the folks went with an elemental theme, I went with a moon theme. I brought two strands of unakite spherical beads and a strand of howlite disk beads. My plan was to use the howlite to mark the full moons and the unakite as a bead for each week between the moons. And after stringing them all, discovered that I had miscounted and was two unakite beads short. We searched all the bead bags, but no more unakite. So I thought of using a different bead and adding new moons. Paula came to my rescue, finding small howlite spherical beads which worked perfectly with my full moon disks. Fifty-two beads make my strand, a measuring of time.

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Two Knitting WIP

I currently have two knitting project bags going (a third one has yarn, needles, and pattern in it, but not cast on yet). The first is a dishcloth for my grandmother for Christmas. She asked for something with red in it. The pattern is Stripes from Sandy Scoville’s Knit Dishcloth Sampler: Twelve Nifty Pattern Stitches. I thought the vertical stripes in the texture would be interesting with the horizontal patterning in the color.
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A Children's Book Every Child Should Read

The true story of a penguin family at Central Park Zoo
It takes two to make a Tango.

This is a heart warming true story of a penguin family at Central Park Zoo. Two male penguins are indistinguishable from the other penguin couples, except that they have no egg of their own. Their keeper slips an abandoned egg into their nest. The dedicated parents soon hatch an adorably fuzzy chick, Tango. They raise their daughter and teach her everything she needs to know to be a penguin.

"Families of all kinds go to visit the animals" at the zoo. The story shows how family is defined by love and caring. This is an excellent book for dealing either with adoption or explaining how someone can have two daddies. The watercolor illustrations are precious, and I ended up buying my own plush baby penguin on my next visit to the zoo.

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Plastic Canvas

For years, I have eyed the plastic canvas section in the craft store. It was right next to the cross stitch I loved, and is still right next to the yarn and knitting where I have been spending so much time. At Pat Catan’s one day, I found the Leisure Arts pamphlet Teach Yourself Plastic Canvas.
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