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NaPoWriMo #30

plague of exhaustion
extinguishes aptitude
prevents cleverness
numbs the brain, erases thoughts
drains motivation
ignores creativity
denies enchantment
clogs down ingenuity
drowns artistry’s joy
blocks the imagination
cloaks understanding
buries the Muse’s vision
beneath the void of chaos

NaPoWriMo #14

music uniting
speaking a primal language
breaking barriers
bridging the differences
touching emotions
healing the divides with riffs
shaping melodies
fostering the harmony
resonating notes
creating global friendships
connecting people
weaving the world together
blending the chorus
building chords into layers
composing a symphony

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NaPoWriMo #8

at Winter Solstice
the darkness begins to yield,
with dawn on Imbolc
sap, life blood, climbs from the snow,
the Spring Equinox
brings the warm winds to the land,
glorious Beltaine
rainbow of fertility,
Summer Solstice sun
midday heat brings fruition,
Lammas, bread rises
the feast of the corn maiden,
the Fall Equinox
second harvest, thanksgiving,
Samhain, thinnest veil
farewell to the fading year,
as the wheel spins round again.

March Challenge #25 – Breakfast

Today’s timely prompt for Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge:

On this day, pancakes were first made. Many would consider pancakes to be their favorite breakfast food. Reflect on breakfast, breaking fast, or fasting.

I offer a choka in celebration of the annual Pennsylvania Maple Festival starting tomorrow in Meyersdale, PA.

every snowy spring
maple sap journeys sunward
rising through the trees
drips into waiting buckets
boils over the fire
slowly condensing sweetness
into thick syrup
flowing amber stickiness
covers my breakfast
of warm pancakes and sausage
rewarding annual trek

March Challenge #4 – Politics, Government, Structures of Power

From Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge:

On this day in 1789, Congress met for the first time. Reflect on politics, government, structures of power.

The form I chose for today’s poem is the choka.

Frodo Chimpanzee
ascending the hierarchy
challenging his way
through the ranks of the females
even including
the watching human woman
a part of his life
studying him since his birth
family member
acceptance relegates her
just another step
on his climb to dominance
influence growing
power and authority
the ranks of the males
succumb to his bullying
finally alpha
strongest leader of the troop
sovereignty unchallenged

Jane Goodall

Please visit The Jane Goodall Institute for more information on the research at Gombe.

Final Poem for NaPoWriMo

afternoon outing
mares grazing in the pasture
calm, peaceful spring day
only bird song interrupts
sitting on the porch
drowsy in the warm sunshine
watching the horses
as they search for sweet young grass

movement in the field
sliver of white dashing by
ethereal form
playing beside the broodmares
shining in the sun
is this a ghost of foals past
or just an easy birthing

Glory's Filly
Mom let the mares out around 3 in the afternoon. When she looked out around 5, there was a baby running around! So just an easy, unassisted birthing. This is filly number 4.

my first choka


the wild geese flying
in their careful formation
their cries heralding
the turning of the seasons
the constant changing
the familiarity
of patterns dancing
urging restless muscles on
pulling the spirits
that seek the next horizon
echoing my wanderlust