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Breora Duskwalker

My other writing assignment for today was to create a background for my Dungeons & Dragons character, Breora Duskwalker.

Breora Duskwalker
Half-elf druid

Author: BlossomVydrina

PC in: Durior

Game System: d20

Physical description:
– very dark green hair, long and full enough to almost hide the points of her ears
– bright green eyes
– 5’6″, 120 lb

Alignment: Neutral Good
Deity: Shamvaia
Saint: Saint Caethel

Companion: Talby the Barn Owl

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NaPoWriMo proved to me how autobiographical poems can be when you are trying to churn them out.
A friend’s thirteen year old nephew wants to learn Dungeons & Dragons. So she has set up a campaign (based in 3.5) for nephew, partner, and me. I rolled my half elf druid on Monday. Breora Duskwalker meets up with her party a little later today. Breora has been much on my mind the last couple days as I create background for her.
So, for the latest poem, I give you:

adventure awaits
new quests, perils, and treasure
with every dice roll
exploring with each campaign
worlds of imagination