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NaPoWriMo #29

raiments of nature
flowers, leaves, and grass woven
Gaia’s green garments

March Challenge #11 – Fruit

From Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge:

March 11th is “Johnny Appleseed Day.” John Chapman, known as Johnny Appleseed, was responsible for introducing apple trees to many regions of the western frontier. Reflect on fruit.

apple cut crosswise
reveals pentacle within
gift of the goddess

Full Moon to Dionysus

Tonight was Oaken Circle‘s full moon ritual. Dionysus was chosen as this moon’s featured deity. Togas were the encouraged dress for the evening, and the pot luck had an Asian flair. Participants were asked to bring a poem or artwork of some sort in honor of one of the arts patron deities.
I, alas, did not make it out on this beautiful blue moon night. I stayed home with hot chocolate and blankets with a thumpy head and sore throat. However, I did craft a poem to share:

fox skin
trickster’s mantle
bringing truth in mischief
unfettered nature flows from wine

A small glass of elderberry wine seems in order before bed.