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NaPoWriMo #8

at Winter Solstice
the darkness begins to yield,
with dawn on Imbolc
sap, life blood, climbs from the snow,
the Spring Equinox
brings the warm winds to the land,
glorious Beltaine
rainbow of fertility,
Summer Solstice sun
midday heat brings fruition,
Lammas, bread rises
the feast of the corn maiden,
the Fall Equinox
second harvest, thanksgiving,
Samhain, thinnest veil
farewell to the fading year,
as the wheel spins round again.

Poem for Imbolc

Imbolc, spring approaches
as sap begins to flow,
life stirs beneath the snow
as nature wakes

This poem helps explain why the food I most associate with Imbolc is vanilla ice cream topped with maple syrup. Real maple syrup please, not high fructose corn syrup laced with artificial maple flavor.