A slight divergence into another creative endeavor.

I spent the day making a mask with Oaken Circle. Their upcoming spring ritual is devoted to animal wisdom and today was mask making day. By the end of the day we had river otter, badger, arctic fox, white wolf, brown bear, deer (doe), snake, squirrel, cat, and more.

We started by making a masking tape mold over our head/face. By using a plastic bag, split around the mouth and nose, over the head, the tape didn’t eat your hair. A circle of tape was laid down around the head at eye level and above the ears. Then one over the center of the head to the bridge of the nose. After that, it was just a matter of filling in between with tape and marking where the eyes were. After being released from being the model, you reinforced your mask with more and more layers of tape. It was an amazingly fast method that produced flexible, lightweight, fitted-to-your-face masks.

Using wire, foam, cardboard, more masking tape, and eventually fur, … we created the features for the individual animals. I used a lot of masking tape, almost like soft sculpture. It reminded me of the forensic scientists that take a skull and use clay to lay down the musculature and build out to recreate the face. My poor otter went through stages where it looked more like a gas mask, a pig, a cow, an ewok, and a teddy bear, before finally taking on a more mustelid shape.  Adding fishing line whiskers definitely helped the final transformation.

Watch my flickr tomorrow for the photographic evidence!