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Bald Eagle

20110513_359, originally uploaded by otterblossom.

Bald Eagle at the National Aviary. Last Thursday, I spent the day there, from several hours before they opened to a bit after closing.

boat-billed heron in the rainstorm

Trying out the larger size layout, the bald eagles didn’t seem to be much larger than the sidebar stream!
I absolutely adore boat-billed herons. And the rainstorm in the wetlands room is my favorite time at the National Aviary.

Bald Eagles

Bald Eagles

Originally uploaded by otterblossom

We’ll see how this works, I just linked my wordpress and my flickr accounts. Now I should be able to spotlight some of the photographs I’m most proud of, more than the little sidebar stream.
Here are the bald eagles at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, from my post birthday trip.