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Entrance to the Desert Room

Entrance to the Desert Room, originally uploaded by otterblossom.

Surprisingly, one of my favorite rooms in Phipps Conservatory.
Taken during the 2011 Orchid Show last weekend.

March Challenge #8

From Cloaked Monk’s March Challenge:

Today is the beginning of Mardi Gras. Reflect on abundance.

Over the weekend, Greg and I went to the Orchid Show at Phipps Conservatory. Today’s form is an abhanga.

abundance of petals
gathered into boquets
adorn the passageways
fragrant beauty

Check out the flickr stream for LOTS more photos. I was playing with the new little snapshot camera and was quite pleased.

Flowers at Phipps

20100524_131, originally uploaded by otterblossom.

The only editing I did to this photo was cropping and sharpening. They were the most amazing color.

Taken during the Gargoyles in the Garden show at Phipps Conservatory

Gargoyles in the Garden

20100524_33, originally uploaded by otterblossom.

I’ve been editing some of the backup of photos on the computer. DrQ and I went to the Gargoyles in the Garden show at Phipps Conservatory this past spring. I really like how the perspective on this one turned out.

Gargoyles in the Garden

There are two points of inspiration for this poem. First, I received an email that Jack Huber had published a new article at Associated Content, this one on the Fibonacci poetic form. While contemplating the form, I saw a post from a friend who wants to go to Phipps Conservatory’s Summer Flower Show: Gargoyles in the Garden.

playing in the leaves
finding mischief in the garden

I really want to go see the show. And the agave is blooming!