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NaPoWriMo #9

exploring a new world
a die roll begins the mission
companions gathering for the questing
friends gathering at the table
community strengthens
forging bonds through

March Challenge #1 – Camping

Midnight came with some sadness this evening, with no prompt for a haiku. But The Cloaked Monk, whom I discovered during last month’s Haiku Challenge, has started a new March Challenge.

Approach the prompts from whatever creative standpoint you would like. Photography, poetry, prose, etc. Be humorous or serious. Be literal or use the prompt as a springboard to something more. Just put your creativity in gear!

March 1: On this day in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established. Reflect on camping.

My offering comes in the form of a rictameter:

my tent
beneath the moon
thin nylon walls reveal
firefly shine and raccoon rustle
mind conjures fairies, dancing on parade
otherworldly celebration
lanterns casting shadows
flickering on
my tent

What I Lost and Want Back


Flights of fancy
Before we knew better
When we still had awe and wonder
Imagining the possibilities
Discovering the miracles
And finding the magic
That still hides in


Today’s email from Associated Content said that Jack Huber had published an article on the poetic form: rictameter. So I sat here and poked at words for a bit and came up with:

oil spill
seeping, bleeding
from below the surface
poisonous plumes permeating
the water, the marshes, the animals,
beaches, bayous, breeding grounds all
suffocating beneath
thick orange sludge
oil spill