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Horror – Late March Challenge #12

March 12
Today marks the anniversary of the death of Anne Frank who died in 1945. This brave young woman is well known for the diary she kept, capturing her time in hiding from the Nazi soldiers. Reflect on horror.

This was the first of the March Challenge prompts that I missed. This was also the day after the devastating earthquake and even more devastating tsunami hit Japan. Even away at a con as I was, I was watching the internet headlines and sharing news with other attendees. SJ Tucker, the musician I was primarily there to see, has posted that she will be putting up some auctions in support of Doctors without Borders.
This poem is a wave poem.
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Mythic Faire

The weekend away that knocked me off schedule for the poetry challenge involved a road trip to Baltimore to see the Mythic Faire. This magical event combined threads of steampunk, faerie, pagan, rennies, pirates, scifi-fantasy, folk rock, and more into an amazing tapestry.
My primary incentive for attending: s00j. SJ Tucker is one of my favorite musicians, and she played two separate concerts. The following video is of “Cheshire Kitten,” off of her Mischief album, played during the Saturday afternoon performance.
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