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NaPoWriMo #8

at Winter Solstice
the darkness begins to yield,
with dawn on Imbolc
sap, life blood, climbs from the snow,
the Spring Equinox
brings the warm winds to the land,
glorious Beltaine
rainbow of fertility,
Summer Solstice sun
midday heat brings fruition,
Lammas, bread rises
the feast of the corn maiden,
the Fall Equinox
second harvest, thanksgiving,
Samhain, thinnest veil
farewell to the fading year,
as the wheel spins round again.

March Challenge #22 – Spontaneity

Cloaked Monk was kind enough to include my very late offering of Patterns into the March Challenge, and now I feel that I should try to climb back up on the wagon. Today’s prompt:

March 22nd is “National Goof Off Day.” Reflect on spontaneity.

With the Equinox just past, this seemed most appropriate.

cleansing breath of spring
a child’s spontaneity
dancing in the sun
winter’s memory dismissed
melting away with the snow

Haiku Challenge #1

Following the strands of the interwebs the other day, I stumbled across the above site. And decided, why not, it will be a warm up for NaPoWriMo in April. 28 haiku in 28 days. First offering:

winter storm warning
through thunder and wind, lightning
flashes, falling ice

Winter Rose (poem)

blush of rose creeps
across the monochrome snowscape
winter sunrise

Happy New Year

dark of night, dark season
the hibernating earth
nurturing our rebirth
new moon, new year

a winter poem

winter comes
with air crisp
frost traces
spider webs
crystal lace
etched in grass
brightly lit
with dawn’s glow