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NaPoWriMo #14

music uniting
speaking a primal language
breaking barriers
bridging the differences
touching emotions
healing the divides with riffs
shaping melodies
fostering the harmony
resonating notes
creating global friendships
connecting people
weaving the world together
blending the chorus
building chords into layers
composing a symphony

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Haiku Challenge Wrapup

28 days
28 haiku
Thanks to SiS for organizing The Haiku Challenge.
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Post Holiday Knitting Update

I did manage to make a second hat for Dad in time for Christmas. I added three inches to the length, which seems to have done the trick. Mom emailed me to say that he wears it to the barn every morning.
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First Hat

I asked Dad what I could knit him for Christmas. He doesn’t do scarves. If he wears gloves, they’re heavy leather work gloves. He’s very brand loyal to his socks (gold toe fluffies). He doesn’t normally wear hats either, but he will around the farm, down at the barn or out in the woods splitting logs. So he requested one in hunter orange. Read more…